Best Rooms to Rent in Coventry

Look No Further for the Best Rooms to Rent in Coventry

If you are currently looking for a room to rent or a house to share in Coventry, we have great options for you to choose from. And there suitable for both professionals and students.  

We have several room sizes to choose from. From single rooms, doubles rooms and ensuites too. Plus a number of our rooms are large enough to share with another tenant, depending on your preference. We have plenty of storage and space so you don’t have to be concerned about the number of belongings to move in with.  

The room to rent Coventry experience that you will have with us is unlike any other found in Coventry….It is non-clinical. Each room to let has a character of its own. The last thing we want is for you to feel imprisoned in your own home, looking at dull walls!

These rooms to rent that we offer in Coventry are fully-furnished with state-of-the-art design. We want to give you the peace of mind you’ve been longing for as well as the comfort that you deserve.


Student Rooms to Rent in Coventry

Our student rooms to rent are not just about the aesthetics. We also aim to provide reliable and efficient services in all aspects including a range of appliances, a 24 hour helpline, loads of storage and flat screen TVs! 

Much like water and food, the internet has now become essential for everyone, especially for students attending online classes. Hence, we pride ourselves on the super fast Wi-Fi that we have installed in all our student room to rent accommodation,, making this a pretty convenient student shared house in Coventry.

In each room, you will be able to access this super fast wifi, so you can browse through the internet on your phone or  laptops without any concern on bandwidth restrictions. 

We understand that as a student you need to be in constant communication with classmates and lecturers for projects and other assignments. You may need a bigger space for this and not all rooms to rent  in Coventry offer enough space. However we have several options for you to choose, with some exceptionally large rooms.  

So Instead of spending time driving or taking public transportation, you can simply sit back and begin with your schoolwork in the comforts of our student rooms to rent.

Fantastic Accommodation Professionals & Students

A great choice of accommodation near the hospital

All our co-living spaces are bills inclusive

Boutique designs with great communal areas!

Friendly team always available to help

Our maintenance teams are responsive and reliable!

Seamless on-boarding process

Coventry Professional House Share

As well as students, professionals benefit from the range of houses we have in ideal locations. From Coventry City Centre, to the University Hospital of Coventry and Warwichsire to a stone throw away from Warwick University campus and a few minutes walk to Jaguar Land Rover business sites. These are just a few of the ideal placements we have for rooms to rent in Coventry. Why not contact our team to find out the rooms we have available to meet your personal requirements?

We are all aware of the pressure and exhaustion from working, be it you working day shifts or night shifts. All you want after a long day at work is come to to a relaxing home. 

Why would you want to leave work to then come to a place you cannot call home? A place that is dirty, small and noisy?

Have peace of mind when choosing one of our professional rooms to rent in Coventry. We pride ourselves on providing regular professional cleaning, spacious rooms and choosing perfect housemate hopefully become long-term friends. 

So if you are looking for a single, double or ensuite rooms you can be trusted that you will receive a fully inclusive co-living space that you can call home!

Simply Beautiful Rooms To let In Coventry

See below just a few of the brilliantly designed houses we have on offer

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